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Hazel Neighbour’s sinuous sound added complexity to L’Ensoleillad, the glamorous ballerina who also falls for Chérubin’s charms.

- Opera Magazine - Yehuda Shapiro

Hazel Neighbour’s L’Ensoleillad also had the vocal allure and colour to really make something of this role – particularly in the upper-reaches of the role where she was bewitching and beguiling in equal measure.

- Classical Source - Alexander Campbell

Neighbour sparkled suitably and also convinced as a dancer, she has to spend a lot of time mooning seductively and Neighbour did this brilliantly

- Planet Hugill - Robert Hugill


Dambrauskaitė was well-partnered by Hazel Neighbour’s Fox, whose slightly heavier soprano shone richly against Dambrauskaitė’s brightness. Their love duet was a highpoint but revealed the gentle humour of their relationship too

- Opera Today - Claire Seymour

Hazel Neighbour spun a graphically defined line as a cheeky Cupid

- Opera Magazine - Yehuda Shapiro

Hazel Neighbour, Jonathan Miles and Peter Martin all made lively contributions

- Opera Magazine - John Allison

The superb soprano, Hazel Neighbour, overpowered the room with her majestic vocal prowess and exquisite stage presence

- Varsity

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